Every electronic product has the advantages of each to be competitive in this increasingly stringent industry. One thing that is certain to occur simultaneously in the development of electronics: electronics will follow the times that based on the ever increasing technological sophistication. Because it indirectly, the icon of the era development, is through electronic devices, including televisions. Panasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P50G10 is one part in the process of modernization that has a number of exclusive features.

Stunning Picture Quality

What is the top priority in having a television is a good picture quality, at least better than the television you will ever have. But on this television, not only the quality of a ‘better than ever’ only will you get, but the ‘best ever’. This is due to the perfect blend of technologies between 480 Hz processor to bring you exceptional clarity and smooth even in the fast motion, and the 1080p resolution that gives the level of image detail and color clarity is above the level of resolution in general. good image quality further assured by the incredible black reproduction, with a rated dynamic contrast ratio up to 1,000,000:1, so you get a deeper color quality on a few specific colors such as green, red hearts, blue, and skin color more clearly.

Over 2,000,000:1 High Contrast

Higher contrast in the black color deepening effect on any television provides more impact for clear and brighter colors than black. A pre-discharge control system, real Hard Black combines with NeoPDP technologies to achieve next-generation black reproduction. 2,000,000:1 contrast is achieved where the other conventional television only reaches 40,000:1.

AR Filter

This is what will you find difficult to find on the other televisions. With this filter, the image that has previously been processed through several previous features, re-processed through this filter in order to obtain sharp images, with minimal glare, while dramatically reducing reflections from external light, which helps to produce clear images. So that in every picture, the colors that appear will be felt that the level of staining is above average.

THX Certified for Faithful Movie Image Reproduction

If you’re really looking for a television that has the same quality with a cinema, then this TV is highly recommended to be the most appropriate for you. The reason is the G10 Series Plasma HDTVs meet the high standards set by the Lucasfilm THX Certified Display Program, to create a visual atmosphere that loyal intended by original movie creators.

The Next Level of Video Gaming

Games lovers, enjoy the facilities that have the perfect features for the game! A special Game Mode helps ensure fluid and seamless by minimizing time lag when displaying game images. With Game Mode turned on, you get the motion resolution and enhanced details you need to play to the fullest. and because it is usually a buff games will last a long time ahead of the game, then setting the anti-image retention technologies and a remarkable life 100,000-hour panel VIERA HDTV ensures that you can make you feel satisfied with this capability.

Internet capability

Connectivity is definitely in the ranks of the next priority. Built-in SD memory card slot makes it easy to share digital photos and home videos. Compatibility allows you to enjoy a variety of entertainment internet as YouTube, online photos, social networking applications, and various other web content through a screen width of 50 inches. Wow.

Overall, there is no entertainment that you can not get through this television. Everything possible to entertain you to the fullest of joy.

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