Almost nothing that can not be done by Samsung because in almost every shop that provides electronic needs in the household, sell a product with this brand. Not difficult to find, but you should also filter out products that you need to carefully because in each series has the features and benefits with different functions. Samsung UN55C8000 on with the series, there are a number of advantages are modified in well with the basic of sophistication.


To get a very good quality entertainment and a maximum, the main features required for powering the overall performance of television work. Or, it can be said that the main features be thought of as the most appropriate portions reflect excellence in overall features. 3D is the most reliable feature in realizing the show on television, in order to become more alive. 3D makes you feel comfortable and into a new fantastic world.

With a screen that has a 55 inch wide, merger with 3D will show clearly feel like in real cinema. There is a support tool that will make all the images that appear to be as alive, active 3D glasses that can be purchased separately.

Full 1080p HD and 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate

Full HD 1080p function of that provides vivid color clarity on a higher level than any other television, making a perfect combination of technology when faced with 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate that has the ability to still be able to provide clear details even in fast image viewing. If you are including those lovers of sports and action movies, this certainly would be good news.

The Smart TV Ever

Samsung UN55C8000 provides a number of application features a very diverse and even connections to various social networks like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon Instant Video, and various other applications like a larger size smartphone. Even here you can do the Skype!

Game Mode

Game mode which becomes part of television regulation has become one of the priorities in the system. Because in reality, there are some differences that must be observed between watching television and playing games. On the mode of the game, they are: image processing response is faster; more enhanced sound game, sharper images, and dark areas which should be more highlighted. To arrange this exclusive game mode, simply by pressing the button on the remote only and everything is working properly.

The power of stereo

Sound quality is no doubt about it, exactly. The sound power on each speaker is 15 Watts, bringing the total to 30 watts. These stereo audio support multichannel sound (MTS) and second audio program (SAP) with 181-channel capacity.


Pin-Point Dimming

Dimming technology enables you to get the right portion of the dynamic contrast and rich, vibrant colors. You will notice whiter whites and deeper blacks, minus the “halo” effect, which occurs when light is spread in such a way as to distort the image. Energy consumption is also reduced.


Energy Star

Less energy consumption and efficiency is also used as a package deal on this television. With the energy star certification is valid, making LED Energy Efficient, up to 50% less than the specified standard specification.


Overall, this TV will entertain you in total with all the features that support your satisfaction when using it. No matter where the source of entertainment that you want (Applications Samsung, internet, television programs), optimization of stretching muscles and your tiring mind can be done through the big 55-inch televisions, Samsung UN55C8000.

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